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[ii] Preface. Oral history is an essential means of preserving the experience of past battles and of imparting that experience to soldiers.

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Six Thousand Personal Histories — and Counting. The Chancellor’s office highlights the work of the Lawrence de Graaf Center for Oral and Public History.

We have been collecting recordings of people’s memories since the mid-1980s and now hold over 1,700 interviews on life in Portsmouth, …

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New Program – Old Virtues. Established by the Governor on Veterans’ Day, 2000, the New York State Veteran Oral History Program involves professional military historians using the latest digital technology to preserve the story of New York’s Veterans – in their own words – now and for all generations to come.

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Oral history dates to the beginnings of the University of California. Hubert Howe Bancroft conducted interviews in the 1860s in support of his 39-volume history of the West.

Upcoming Events. The 2018 Oral History Summer college will take place May 15-24 and June 18-29 in Hudson, NY. Oral History Summer college is an interdisciplinary training program in upstate New York that spans the realms of …

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Bracero History Archive collects and makes available the oral histories and artifacts pertaining to the Bracero program, a guest worker initiative that spanned the years 1942-1964. Millions of Mexican agricultural workers crossed the border under the program to work in more than half of the states

Oral History, Human Subjects, and Institutional Review Boards. Linda Shopes. Since at least the mid-1990s, college and university students, faculty, and staff who conduct oral history interviews have increasingly found their interviewing protocols subject to review by their local Institutional Review Board (commonly referred to as an IRB), a

Oral history is a method to learn about past events from the spoken stories of people who lived through them. When students conduct oral history research with members of their families or community they are participating in active …

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